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California Transaction Coordinators believes in fair pricing and delivering quality service that ensures every client feels each and every dollar was well spent.

Property Type



1-4 Residential

Listing or Purchase Side

$ 450

Dual Sided Transaction

$ 595

(Vacant Land, Mobile Homes, Etc.)

Listing or Purchase Side

$ 450

Dual Sided Transaction

$ 595

*Contact us for Commercial Pricing

Administrative Assistance

  • Offer Coordination
  • Disclosure Tracking + Disbursement
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Providing MLS Updates
  • Arranging closing gifts for clients
  • Disclosure Package execution via Docusign
  • Full File Audits (3x) throughout the escrow

Buyer Side Assistance

  • Intro to all parties + serve as liaison through transaction
  • Open Escrow (Arrange Deposit to be made)
  • Prepare Transaction Timeline + Google Calendar
  • Order Inspection Reports and Home Warranties
  • Disclosure Package Execution via Docusign
  • Monitoring of all timelines per contract
  • Prepare file for closing, signing, and final funds transfer
  • Provide Downloadable Link to Final File
  • Full File Audit (3x) throughout the escrow

Listing Assistance

  • Pull disclosures for signing from ZipForms
  • Docusign/GLIDE full package to clients
  • Review of listing documents
  • Open Escrow
  • Order all reports and HOA Documents (JCP, Prelim, etc.)
  • Upload full disclosures for disbursement
  • Serve as liaison to all parties involved
  • Prepare Transaction Timelines¬†
  • Constant monitoring of file from start to finish
  • File Audit during escrow for all signatures

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